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Whispering Cave - New Trail at Hocking Hills State Park

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It's an Ohio State Park. It is forests and rugged cliffs and deep, mysterious gorges. It is hiking, bird watching, star programs and wildlife. It's Adventure. It is the Hocking Hills. 

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Hocking Hills State Park is located at:19852 State Route 664 S  Logan, Ohio     43138

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(740) 385-6841


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Hocking Hills State ParkThere is so much that makes Hocking Hills State Park unique. Cascading waterfalls, breathtaking cliffs, deep recess caves and forestland as far as the eye can see are just a few distinctive features of the region. But there is more. Located in the picturesque sandstone region of Southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park encompasses some of the most scenic areas in the entire state.  Rock outcrops, deep cool gorges, and waterfalls are found throughout the 6 main park areas.  Hocking Hills State Park EventsThe pristine beauty of the area is enhanced by the abundance of wildlife found throughout the Hocking region. Visitors to the park can almost bet they'll see Ohio wildlife such as white tailed deer, wild turkey or even the cumbersome box turtle.

Hocking Hills State ParkHocking Hills State Park
The Hiking Regions
Discover the 6 different hiking areas of Hocking Hills State Park. Including maps, directions and trail information.


Hocking Hills CabinsHocking Hills Cabins, Cottages & B and B's
The region offers cabin rentals for every taste! Reservations can even be made online!



Hocking Hills State Park ProgramsHocking Hills State Park Daily Programs
From guided night hikes through the dim recesses of Ash Cave in the spring to a snow-covered exploration for Ohio's elusive owls in the winter, the park offers its visitors programs all year long.


Hocking Hills State Park Special Events
Find out the major events happening at Hocking Hills State Park including in-depth reports on what to expect, what to wear and what it is all about.


Hocking Hills Map/DirectionsHocking Hills State Park
Map and Directions

Find out how to get to the park from wherever you are coming from.


The History and Mystery of Hocking Hills State Park. Explore the history of the park and find out what makes it so unique.



Ohio Insider's Guide
Find out more about the Hocking Hills and haunted Ohio legends and ghost stories!


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